Disqualification & Reinstatement

Academic disqualification occurs when the Humboldt GPA or Cumulative GPA of a student who is already on academic notice falls below the minimum level allowed. When disqualified, a student is no longer enrolled at the university and they are placed on suspension for at least one year. A disqualified student needs to be officially "reinstated" in order to return to the university and should meet with an advisor to discuss future academic plans. The current rules and regulations for Academic Notice and Disqualification are available at the Office of the Registrar.

Other forms of disqualification: The information on this page is specifically intended to address academic disqualification. A student can also be disqualified for disciplinary reasons. The reinstatement procedures on this page do not address those cases. Please call the Office of the Registrar if you have any questions about these other types of disqualification.

Graduate and post baccalaureate disqualification: This page only addresses undergraduate disqualification. Questions about disqualification from a graduate or other post baccalaureate program should be directed to your advisor or to the Graduate Studies Office. 

Reinstatement Petition Guidelines & Instructions

  1. Read the Reinstatement Petition Guidelines.
  2. Develop your plan for future success. The Reinstatement Petition Guidelines will help you plan and prepare your petition.
  3. Submit your Request to Return at least 2 weeks prior to the published deadline to allow enough time to submit your Petition for Reinstatement.
  4. Check your Student Center "To Do List". The reinstatement link in your "To Do List" will be available approximately one week after you submit your request.
  5. Complete the online Petition for Reinstatement. Your application will remain "incomplete" until you submit your petition.

Reinstatement Timeline Tool

To view the timeline for the disqualification period and reinstatement process, select the semester that the student last attended classes at Humboldt to view the timeline for their petition for reinstatement.

Questions about Disqualification and Reinstatement

  • What happens to my financial aid when I am disqualified?
    If you receive financial aid, your academic disqualification may affect your eligibility. Please review the Satisfactory Progress information and contact the financial aid office at finaid@humboldt.edu or 707-826-4321.
  • What if I receive GI Bill benefits?Contact Veterans Enrollment & Transition Services (707-826-6272) to discuss additional steps you may need to take.
    Contact Veterans Enrollment & Transition Services (707-826-6272) to discuss additional steps you may need to take.
  • What happens if I am already registered for classes when I find out that I've been disqualified?
    You will be disenrolled from the classes and your fees will be reversed.
  • Who do I see for advice if I am disqualified?
    If you have an existing relationship with one of the following programs, contact your advisor in that program. General questions about disqualification and reinstatement can be directed to the Academic & Career Advising Center.
  • Can I still access my Humboldt email and student accounts when I am disqualified?
    You will retain access for up to 6 months and will receive notifications letting you know when your account will be archived. While your acount remains active, you may need to update your password and if you have trouble accessing your account, please contact the Humboldt Information Technology Help Desk at (707) 826-4357. When you return you will keep the same Humboldt username.
  • Should I take classes while I am away? If so, which classes?
    We do not recommend that you take classes elsewhere unless your Advising Center advisor, EOP advisor, or major advisor has helped you select courses that will fulfill outstanding degree requirements with his or her guidance. In any case, do not repeat courses you have taken at Humboldt.
  • Can I appeal my disqualification?
    No. However if you are awaiting a grade change or withdrawal, it is your responsibility to follow up with the Office of the Registrar regarding any changes to your academic standing. For more information about withdrawal, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (707) 826-4101.
  • Can I take classes at another CSU?
    Generally not, but check with any other CSU you'd like to attend to find out what their eligibility requirements are. If you do attend another CSU, speak with an advisor at Humboldt about your plans to determine how any courses might transfer.
  • Can I take classes through the College of Extended Education & Global Engagement at Humboldt?
  • If I don't take classes, what should I do to be eligible to return?
    Your time away from Humboldt should be spent addressing the obstacles that prevented you from succeeding academically. The Academic & Career Advising Center’s Academic Recovery and Resilience resources and videos are a good place to start.
  • What does this mean for my on-campus housing?
    If you are living on campus when you become academically disqualified from Humboldt, you must immediately notify the Housing & Residence Life Office by completing a Request to Vacate form. You will have 3-5 days to vacate the halls. Students who are academically disqualified from Humboldt are not subject to Housing financial penalties for giving less than 30 days notice.
  • When can I return to Humboldt?
    See the Reinstatement Timeline Tool above to find the disqualification, reinstatement and application periods for a specific disqualification semester.
    • After your first Academic Disqualification, you are not eligible to return until you have been out of school at least one semester.
    • After your second Academic Disqualification, you are not eligible to return until you have been out of school at least two semesters.
    • After your third Academic Disqualification, you are not eligible to return to Cal Poly Humboldt
    • The letter you received after being disqualified outlines the requirements and more info can be found here.
  • When should I request to return?
    See the Reinstatement Timeline Tool above to find the disqualification, reinstatement and application periods for a specific disqualification semester.
    • Applications for summer session will not be accepted.
    • Please do not plan on applying and submitting your petition on the last day. You will need at least 2 weeks between submitting your request and submitting your petition for reinstatement.
    • The priority application period is the earliest possible access to registration for students who meet all deadlines and documentation requirements.
      Spring semester: Applications will be open from August 1 to September 30. 
      Fall semester: Applications will be open from October 1 to February 28. 
    • The final application deadline is the latest possible access to registration, students must be prepared to promptly submit all required documents to ensure timely registration.  
      Fall Semester: Submit Request by July 15
      Spring Semester: Submit Request by December 5
  • How do I write my petition for reinstatement?
    The “reinstatement petition guidelines” provides the in-depth instructions for petitioning for reinstatement as well as prompts for for each of the questions you'll need to answer in the online petition form. We recommend sharing drafts of your answers with your advisor or campus support staff to ensure that you have reflected on each topic in-depth.
  • How do I create a three-semester academic plan in DARS Degree Planner?
    The “reinstatement petition guidelines” also provides instructions for creating a three-semester plan. Even if you are disqualified, you can still access your DARS Degree Planner though myHumboldt and your Student Center. You can also save version(s) of your plan for future use and to share with your advisor.

    To access the DARS Degree Planner login to myHumboldt, and click on View Degree Audit & Plan in Academics Quick Links. Click on the Plans tab in the top toolbar. Click on the Create a New Plan tab. Get in-depth instructions and tutorials for the DARS Degree Planner.
  • What happens after I petition?
    Your Petition will be reviewed by a Committee whose members include staff from the Learning Center, Student Disability Resource Center, Veterans Enrollment & Transition Services, Office of Admissions, Office of the Registrar, and the Academic & Career Advising Center. The Committee uses the Petition Guidelines to determine whether there is enough evidence that you have addressed the problems that resulted in your disqualification and are prepared to succeed at the university. The Committee begins review of Fall petitions in March and Spring Petitions in September. In both cases, it is our intent to give you a response in time to register for the upcoming term with all other returning students if approved.

    You will receive the Committee's decision via email. If your Petition is approved, you will need to meet with an advisor to solidify your academic plan for your return and enroll for classes. If your Petition is denied, you will be given guidance from the Committee on how to successfully petition for a future semester.