Certificate of Study (Post-Baccalaureate) Admissions

Currently we are offering the following Certificates of Study opportunities:

Submit an application through Cal State Apply Graduate Application (called post-baccalaureate, after Bachelors's degree)

PLEASE NOTE, A Certificate of Study is NOT a Degree Seeking Program, THEREFORE, you will NOT need to submit the following application information:

  • GRE Scores
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Reference

In the Application under Intended Major: Choose the certificate program from the drop-down menu on the application.

  • Emphasis/concentration (if any): Type in "Certificate"
  • What is Your Degree Objective: Choose "none"
  • "How many total college units…": Choose "have bachelor's degree or equivalent"

Currently, we are only accepting applications from students who wish to pursue a second bachelor's degree in the STEM majors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and Music.  Please contact the department chair for the program you are interested in to get approval (space is limited and each major has course requirements to be eligible).

Admission Requirements

All post-baccalaureate applicants must complete a bachelor’s degree at a regionally accredited educational institution plus earn at least a 2.50 grade point average in the last 60 semester units earned.

If you later decide to formally enter a graduate program (master's degree) or credential program at Humboldt State University, you will need to submit a new, graduate level, application for admission.

Please note - there are limitations on using coursework taken while in post-baccalaureate status to complete requirements for a master’s degree. Check with Graduate Studies for more information about the master’s programs at Humboldt State University.