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Program/OptionGraduate CoordinatorAdministrative Support

Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology
Applications for Fall 2020, Will open January 2020.

Marissa Ramsier

Master of Science in Biology

Paul Bourdeau

Lydia Evers

Master of Business Administration

Ramesh Adhikari

Krista Carroll

Master of Arts in Education

Elizabeth Miller

Master of Arts in English (Applied English Studies)

Janet Winston


Master of Science in Environmental Systems
Margaret Lang

Danielle Trapkus 

- Energy, Technology & Policy
Arne Jacobson
Mary Jo Sweeters
- Environmental Resources Engineering
Peter Alstone
Mary Jo Sweeters
Jasper Oshun
Laurie Marx
Master of Science in Kinesiology
Taylor Bloedon
Kim Moon
Master of Science in Natural Resources
- Environmental Science & Management
- Fisheries
Andrew Kinziger

JoAnna Pifferini

- Forestry, Watershed & Wildland Sciences
David Greene  
- Wildlife

Rick Brown

Master of Arts in Psychology See individual programs
- Academic Research

Amber Gaffney

- Counseling

Jennifer Petullo

- School Psychology

Frank DeMatteo

Master of Arts in Social Science: Environment & Community 
Cutcha Risling Baldy


Master of Social Work

Cesar Abarca

Sasheen Raymond
Master of Arts in Public Sociology

Anthony Silvaggio

Mireya Ortega