If You Are Denied Admission

If you receive an email indicating you have not met the California State University admission requirements, but you feel that there are extenuating circumstances that were beyond your control, you may submit an appeal to us asking for an exception to the Admissions Requirements.

COVID-19 We understand that COVID-19 has changed the educational experience for everyone. If, due to COVID-19, you feel you were not able to meet eligibility requirements, please indicate this in your appeal. Cal Poly Humboldt will not ask for documentation to support this. If you experienced challenges before Spring 2020, and were using this semester to make up missing admissions requirements, please indicate this in your appeal. This can include having an overall GPA of less than 2.0.

Appeal policy for admissions denial

  • An appeal must be received by Humboldt Admissions within 15 business days of the date on the Denial Email produced by Cal Poly Humboldt Admission. You will submit your appeal through a webform. Access to the webform will be from your Student Center and directions to this form will be sent to you in an email.
  • The appeal should address the reasons for not meeting Standard Admissions requirements for the California State University and a brief description of your academic goals. Please also include some explanation of why you have chosen Cal Poly Humboldt.
  • The appeal must be written by the student.
  • The appeal may include supporting information of a disability. Disclosing a disability is not a requirement, but if you feel you were unable to meet certain admission requirements based on a disability and would like to submit supporting documents,  you will be able to attach these documents with your appeal. Please share how the disability has affected your Admissions eligibility. Also, please describe the support services and/or resources previously used and how you will be successful at Humboldt.
  • Humboldt Admissions will accept one appeal per academic term.
  • Applicants with a GPA less than 2.0 on a 4.0 scale are not eligible to appeal. (See COVID-19 statement above)
  • Appeals are reviewed by the Exceptions Committee weekly. Notification of the Committee's decision is by email.

Appeal Policy, Cal Poly Humboldt
Updated 22 May 2020