Meet the Staff

Kyra Anderson

Year: Sophomore
Major: Marine Biology and a minor in scientific diving and oceanography
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

I chose HSU because I wanted a different environment than Southern California. I loved the trees and the natural environment that HSU had to offered. The other reason I came here was for the hands on learning opportunities, I couldn’t think of a better place to experience marine biology than California’s beautiful north coast.

Samuel Beeler

Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Science and Management: Planning and Policy
Hometown: Ripon CA
Languages Spoken: English, Swiss-German dialect

HSU was a big change from my hometown in the Central Valley, and I love it up here!  I am a fan of rain, forests, beaches, and great people so I couldn’t have picked a better place. I love cats, Netflix, hiking, and learning new/interesting things.   I hope to finish up Spring 2018 and find a job working with the National Park Service.

Varak Bosnoian

Year: Sophomore
Major: Wildlife option 2
Hometown: Pasadena
Languages Spoken: English and Armenian

I chose to attend HSU mainly due to the really amazing science program and the distance from my hometown. I am involved with the Humboldt state Symphonic band, HSU Chamber woodwind, HSU Queer Student Union, as well as the local LGBT community outside of the school.

Kelsey Campos

Year: Senior
Major: Business Administration- Accounting
Hometown: Fremont, California

Hi, my name is Kelsey Campos and I’m a transfer student here at HSU since 2015. I adore the forests and environment here, which has so much green, and the rain. Coming from the Bay Area, there wasn’t nearly enough, and now, I get so much rain it’s amazing. The people here are amazing and I love the wonderful opportunity that working as an Ambassador has afforded me.

Alison Casey

Year: Junior
Major: Studio Art
Hometown: Murrieta

I chose HSU because of all of the outdoor activities you can get involved in, and the great sense of community  I got when I visited Humboldt state. On campus I am in the jewelry club and I enjoy rock climbing in the gym!

Christina Cordova

Year: Junior
Major: Art Education w a minor in Business Administration
Hometown: Eagle Rock, CA
Languages Spoken: English & Spanish

Not only did I pick Humboldt State because I am a nature lover but my favorite time of the year in Los Angeles was October because it was the rainy season (if you consider LA having a rainy season), so after finding out how often it rained in Arcata I knew HSU was an even better fit for me! While my hobby for the past 5 years has been photography, my favorite part about being so close to the rocky coast and the forest is that rain or shine Humboldt County is a photogenic place!

Yadira Cruz

Year: Freshman
Major: Criminal and Justice Studies
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

I chose HSU because I love the outdoors. I love hiking in the forest and going to the beach. I am an HSU Ambassador, I am in the Healing Vibrations club, and Sociology/Criminology and Justice Club.

Andrea Cuevas

Year: Sophomore
Major: Kinesiology Emphasis in Physical Therapy
Hometown: San Fernando Valley

The reason why I chose HSU is because of the personal one on one communication you are able to access with your instructors which is just one of the many resources HSU has to offer!

Michael Escobar

Year: Sophomore
Major: Economics (Minor English)
Hometown: Los Angeles

I chose HSU because of it’s small town feel and because of HSU’s strong stance on student involvement. Our classes are small and you really get to know your professors. I am a tour guide, an economics intern, and so excited to meet ya’ll in my peer group!

Angie Flores-Cruz

Year: Junior
Major: Sociology and Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies with a Women’s Studies pathway
Hometown: Long Beach
Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

I chose HSU because of the beautiful environment and because it has a great sociology department that offers a lot of academic opportunities for sociology majors. What I love about being an ambassador is being able to give back to the community by helping new students learn more about HSU and being able to build friendships with my fellow ambassadors.

Connie Hill

Year: Sophomore
Major: Theatre Arts and Film
Hometown: Patterson, CA
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Beginner in ASL

Hey y’all! I’m from the agricultural center of California so rain, fog, and cloudy days are pretty rare where I’m from, whereas the weather here is EXACTLY what makes my heart sing. I’m a busy beaver and I hate not having anything to do so you can always find me taking way too many classes, being involved in our school’s theatre productions (onstage and off!), working on films, being involved with our theatre marketing team, leading tours and working with HOP, going to the beach and exploring everything nature has to offer us, hiking through the forest, or heading up to the Edge of the World up on Fickle Hill at night time just staring at the stars.

Desha Hill

Year: Freshman
Major: Liberal Studies Elementary Education
Hometown: San Diego, CA

I chose HSU because I wanted to get away from the big city and experience a life with a small community, and get a chance to explore nature! I also wanted to get hands on experience as a freshman and HSU has many opportunities for incoming students to gain experience within their major.

Ze’ Nae’ Lawerence

Year: Junior
Major: International Business w/ Minor in Chinese Studies
Hometown: Los Angeles

Hello! I am from Los Angeles, the Baldwin Hills area. I chose Humboldt State during my spring preview because of the different atmosphere. The reason why I chose to become an ambassador was because I want to help incoming students. I am excited to start work and meet new students. I am an active member of the newly established Korean Club. I am currently part of the Chinese Culture and Language Club at Humboldt State University, and within the Chinese Culture Club I act as secretary.

Omar Olaya

Year: Freshman
Major: Science Education - Biology
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

I chose HSU because of the great hands on learning opportunities that one can get in the science department. I plan on being a biology teacher and since HSU is well known for its science department I knew this was the best place to go to gain really good experience. I love hanging out with my friends since they make everyday incredibly fun especially when we go out to the football field and play some ultimate frisbee.

Miranda Olberg

Year: Sophomore
Major: English, with a concentration in Writing Practices
Hometown: Portland, OR

Deciding where to pursue a higher education is a difficult choice, but discovering Humboldt State made it easy for me. The location here is unparalleled to any other, with breathtaking natural scenery and a culture of friendly and welcoming people. I feel fortunate to be part of such a diverse and socially conscious community, and especially lucky to be an ambassador where I have the opportunity to share my love of the university.

Mireya Ortega

Year: Junior
Major: English
Hometown: North Hollywood
Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

I chose HSU because I wanted a small community that provided me with a sense of home away from home and at HSU I definitely found it. I have made the best memories here with people that have had a great impact on my life whether that be in the workplace or the classroom. I have enjoyed every single moment here at HSU and I hope to have an impact on new students so that they enjoy every moment at HSU as well.

Emily Owen

Year: Sophomore
Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Los Angeles

I chose HSU because as an environmental studies major, I don’t think there is a better place to learn about the intrinsic value our natural world has. I love how small and welcoming the student body is and that I am always running into people I know. I write for the Lumberjack, play ultimate frisbee on the Hags, and love hiking and climbing on campus.

Daniel Rodriguez

Year: Junior
Major: Economics
Hometown: San Diego
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Italian

I chose HSU because of the location. I fell in love with the redwood forest and the endless adventures one can have around Humboldt County. From backingpacking in the Trinity Alps to camping underneath the old growth redwoods, if you love the outdoors then HSU is right for you.

Maria Sanchez

Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology (cellular/molecular)
Hometown: Compton, CA
Languages Spoken: Spanish, English

Hello! I chose HSU because it allowed me to be myself without being feeling judge. As soon as  I laid eyes on the campus I couldn't forget how beautiful the school was the views are always amazing. And the opportunities that the campus provided such as, smaller class sizes and labs was such a great opportunity for me that I couldn’t pass it up.

Mayra Sanchez

Year: Freshman
Major: Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Los Angeles
Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

I chose HSU because the community on campus and the campus itself is automatically welcoming and helpful in a way I believe I can succeed in my time here. I am a tour guide and a Check It volunteer and am always finding new ways to be involved on campus.

Sabrina Sibbett

Year: Freshman
Major: Biology
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Languages Spoken: English and Chinese

I chose HSU because of all the amazing opportunities in the biology department. Also, I love being outdoors so being able to go hiking/ backpacking and going to the beach easily is definitely a plus!

Sammi Stowe

Year: Sophomore
Major: Theater Arts
Hometown: San Jose
Languages Spoken: English, Rudimentary Spanish

I chose HSU because I loved the environment of the campus and the forest! I am currently working on two productions with the HSU Theater department and preparing to attend KCACTF.

Amy Torres

Year: Senior
Major: Communication
Hometown: Pomona, California

I chose HSU because I was interested in the outdoor life such as taking nature walks and hiking in the local community forest and nearby beaches.

Rush Wirtz

Year: Freshman
Major: Zoology
Hometown: Riverbank, CA

I chose HSU because it is one of the only schools in California with a major in Zoology. As well the environment at the school is amazing. I absolutely love the biodiversity and the animal life this far up north.

Kristina Wren

Year: Junior
Major: English with a concentration in Teaching the Language Arts and minor in Teaching English as a Second Language
Hometown: Palm Springs, CA
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, French

I chose HSU because I wanted a small campus community and a different environment compared to Southern California. I fell in love the moment I stepped on campus and this university has provided me with so many opportunities since! I've loved the chances for learning I've had both in and outside of the classroom. One of the greatest parts of my time at HSU has been studying abroad. I am currently in Wales studying at Swansea University and have had the chance to travel while here. I have made wonderful friends and memories during my time in university and have HSU to thank for it all.